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Unlock energy savings with our expansive brokerage network. At PPEG, we connect you with over 90 top-tier energy suppliers across the USA and globally, ensuring you get the best rates and solutions. Specializing in tailored energy strategies, we're committed to optimizing your energy costs and enhancing efficiency.

Discover how our expertise can power your success – partner with us for a smarter, cost-effective energy future.

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Navigate the dynamic electricity market effortlessly with us. We deliver customized procurement strategies that ensure you benefit from optimal electricity rates and reliable supply.

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Natural Gas

Secure the most competitive natural gas prices through our expert brokerage service. Our approach guarantees not just cost savings but also a consistent, dependable natural gas supply.

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Rooftop Solar

Transform your rooftops into a renewable energy powerhouse with our solar solutions. Benefit from reduced energy bills and a greener footprint without sacrificing space or functionality.

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Community Solar

Join the community solar revolution, a hassle-free path to sustainable energy without the need for on-site installation. It’s an ideal way to go green and reduce energy costs, regardless of your location or building constraints.

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EV Charging Stations

Future-proof your business with our comprehensive EV charging station installations. Embrace the shift to electric vehicles, enhancing your environmental credentials and catering to a growing EV audience.

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Revolutionize your business communication with our bespoke telecom solutions. Experience enhanced connectivity and cutting-edge communication technologies tailored to your specific operational needs.

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